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5 Most Sustainable Decision Making Techniques Used In Water Resources Management


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International Journal of Hydro-Climatic Engineering

Aim and Scope : This journal aims to publish innovative articles from the field of hydrology,climate science and their interactions. Any study which highlights climate change impacts on hydrological and associated parameters are aptly accepted for review.
Frequency : Articles are online as and when it is accepted for publication.


International Journal of Water and Energy Nexus

Aim and Scope : This journal publishes original research works on the manangement of water in energy industry and management of energy in water industy.
Frequency : Articles are online as and when it is accepted for publication.


International Journal of Water and Informatics

Aim and Scope : This journal is interested to publish original research works,technical notes and reviews showing  innovative application of soft computation tools in optimal management of water and energy resources.
Frequency : Articles are online as and when it is accepted for publication.

Research Ideas

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Application of decision-making techniques in identification of most significant impact for BIRR

Hydrologic Models and Wild Fire 

Selection of adaptation mechanisms to Hydrologic Models due to forest fire by AI

Climate Change and Rainfall Now Casting

 Impact of Climatic Factors on predictive models for rainfall nowcasting 

Learning Area

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Introduction to the Weighted Sum and Weighted Product Method


Along with an example the complete tutorial on Analytical Hierarchy and Network Process

Artificial Neural Networks

A basic and simple introduction to the concept and working methodology of Artificial Neural Networks.the backbone of AI

Solar Energy

Text book introduction and explanation of basic concepts of solar energy.

Call for Paper

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 2nd International conference on “Futuristic and Sustainable Aspects in Engineering and
Technology (FSAET-2021),"

Paper Submission Last Date: Nov 10, 2021
Conference date: December 24, 2021 - December 26, 2021).

Special Issue of Environmental Engineering Science: Life Cycle Thinking in Environmental Sustainability

Deadline : August 13, 2021

World Conference on Soil, Water, Energy and Air (EUWCSWEA)
Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Paper Submission Last Date: May 16,2021.
Conference date: 1-2 June 2021

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Optimal Decision Maker

Decision Support System for any Decision Making Problems : Case Study included.

Decide with AHP

Decision making with the Multi Criteria Decision Making method : Analytical Hierarchy Process.Featured as a tool in the first edition of HydroGeek.


Research Meth

The first issue of EIS newsletter is launched. This newsletter is named as Research Meth. In this issue, the main focus is on the way we can write a readily acceptable research article. A Webware for analyzing your article with respect to its suitability for publication in a selected journal is also provided.

Innovate with Sustainability

The first edition of Innovate for sustainability launched. This issue discusses the latest smart technologies which are used in recent years for automation of common tasks of an agricultural system. 


A series of a graphical monologue on hydrology, hydropower, hydraulics and water quality issues. The first issue tries to highlight the role and significance of water filters in the creation of sustainable and healthy human society.


First edition of WENexus Letters is dedicated to 'load prediction models' which are extremely important for sustaining the profitability of any type of power plant.

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