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Impact of Climate Change on Virtual and Green Water Availability in Arid Regions

Virtual water is the amount of water used in industries as raw material, and Green Water is the volume of water utilized in agriculture. The availability of both of them is essential for the socio-economic development of any region. As arid areas are characterized by water scarcity, such places will be more vulnerable to climate change impacts. As these two types of water use are vital for the GDP of any region, maintaining a minimum water volume for the said purposes will be necessary. This Special Issue will accept original research works on the said problem and will publish the same after a thorough peer review and finding a practical solution from the article.
Papers having UG students as one of the authors will be preferred.
Last Date of Submission : 28th Dec 2021
Estimated Date of Publication : 28th Mar 2022

Minimization of climatic impact on water and water-based energy systems

The special issue will publish original research articles or reviews which try to minimize the climatic impact or analyze the vulnerabilities of water and water-based energy systems to climatic abnormalities. Relevant Topics : climate change, hydropower, tidal power, wave power, hybrid energy systems, optimization, AI Applications, IoT, Early Warning Systems, Water management in the power plant,
Scheduling problems, hydrology, reservoir optimization, and related.
Papers having UG students as one of the authors will be preferred.
Last Date of Submission : 31st Dec 2021
Estimated Date of Publication :15th Apr 2021

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International Journal of Hydro-Climatic Engineering

Aim and Scope : This journal aims to publish innovative articles from the field of hydrology,climate science and their interactions. Any study which highlights climate change impacts on hydrological and associated parameters are aptly accepted for review.
Frequency : Articles are online as and when it is accepted for publication.


International Journal of Water and Energy Nexus

Aim and Scope : This journal publishes original research works on the manangement of water in energy industry and management of energy in water industy.
Frequency : Articles are online as and when it is accepted for publication.


International Journal of Water and Informatics

Aim and Scope : This journal is interested to publish original research works,technical notes and reviews showing  innovative application of soft computation tools in optimal management of water and energy resources.
Frequency : Articles are online as and when it is accepted for publication.

New Trends in Research

12th Sept 2021.Archive.

Hydropower digitalisation

According to IHA,the real time collection and processing of data to adjust the working conditions of hydropower turbines can imbibe advanced grid supporting services without compromising reliability and safety of the plant. Such real time monitoring systems can automate the control of  power generaion and will save both cost and manhours.

Small hydro

Solomon Islands,Lao PDR, different location in USA are now developing technologies like gravity hydraulic machines (water wheels and Archimedes screws) and turbines (very low head turbines and hydrokinetic turbines),advanced designs and operation strategies for pumps as turbines (PATs) to generate power from water(Hydro Review,IHA etc.).Other countries are also looking for technologies to generate power from the low heads using a small amount of land.

Powering non-powered dams

According to Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy,tens of thousands of dams across USA don’t produce power. Inclusion of power generation equipments to these locations will add 12 GW of new hydropower capacity to the grid. So novel technologies are innovated to produce power from the unutilized hydrpower potential of different countries of the World.

Innovations and Patents

12th Sept 2021.Archive.

Helicoid Penstocks

"The spiral-shaped design of human blood vessels to create a similarly shaped penstock pipe."(HSW)

The helicoid penstock is similar to a rifle barrel through which water flows and the penstock began to spin. The spiraling pipe provides additional energy and injects the water directly into the turbine to improve the performance

In-conduit hydropower

Water conduits have a noticeable potential to recapture energy with the help of small hydropower (less than 1 MW) technologies that can be used to harness the power potential, which can substantially reduce grid electricity consumption and/or provide renewable energy to water agencies. There are 16 new such technologies which were explored by Sari to analyse the potential of in-conduit hydropower generation.

Underwater pumped hydro energy storage 

The underwater pumped hydro energy storage (UPHES) is a novel system in which the
upper reservoir is the sea itself and the lower reservoir is a hollow
deposit (or a set of) located at the seabed. The seawater entering the
deposit drives a turbine and generates electricity. The concept was
devised with the aim to enlarge the number of potential locations for
Pumped Storage Power Plant. 

Call for Paper

12th Sept 2021. Archive.

3rd International Conference on Sustainable and Innovative Solutions for Current Challenges in Engineering & Technology (ICSISCET 2021)

Paper Submission Last Date: Sept 15, 2021
Conference date: Nov 13-14, 2021.
Location : Madhav Institute of Technology & Science (MITS), Gwalior, India

Joint Special Issue on "Intelligent Energy Storage Systems for Electrified Transportation and Smart Grid"

First submission date: Nov 15, 2021
Paper submission deadline: Mar 15, 2022
Final decision notification: Oct 15, 2022

Call for Technical Papers for
Water e-Journal

Topics : Water in Mining & Energy, Water in Industry; Water in Food, Beverage & Agriculture;Water Security;Smart Metering.

No last Date.

Jobs and Scholarships

12th Sept 2021.Archive.


R&D Engineer (Electrical HT/LT Systems/Inverters/Power Stabilizers)
Location : New Delhi,India
Expected Start Date: 15/9/2021
Job Types: Full-time, Contract, Commission
Salary: ₹20,000.00 - ₹60,000.00 per month

E I Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 

Water Resource Engineer
Location : Karnataka, India 
Desired Expertise : water resource engineering, water, design, planning, engineering, Channel Design, HEC2, Surface Water Modeling, Drainage Studies, River Engineering, Watershed Modeling, Floodplain Analysis, HEC1, Flood Forecasting, Water Supply

ADB-Japan Scholarship Program for Developing Countries in Asia and Pacific

Programs covered by the ADB-JSP are postgraduate studies in economics, management, health, education, agriculture, environment, natural resource management, science and technology, and other development-related fields.

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