Research Idea : Application of Artificial Intelligence on Real Time Monitoring of Crop Water Requirement

The objective of the idea is to apply the concept of artificial intelligence to develop a software which can monitor the crop watering requirement for a agricultural field. The software will take inputs like amount of rainfall,soil moisture and evapo-transpiration and will predict the crop water available.The wilting point will be estimated with respect to the crop being harvested based on the minimum value of the same three parameters required for the harvesting of the selected crop .The software will be trained with a set of scenarios representing all the possible situations and with the help of cognitive modeling architectures like Artificial or Polynomial Neural Networks.Once the model has learned the problems from the scenarios the same is applied for prediction of crop water availability which will be compared with the minimum crop water requirement for the selected crop and thus the water requirement at that instant can be decided.If the soil moisture,rainfall and evapo-transpiration can be measured by automated instruments then the data can be fed real time to the software for prediction and comparison of crop water requirement.The output signal can be sent to the tank where additional water is stored such that the water can be supplied to mitigate the watering requirement at that instant.

Scientific Benefit : This adaptive tool can solve the problem of crop wilting and can also save cost,man-hour and energy due to its automated infrastructure.

Prerequisite : Concept of Artificial Neural Networks/Polynomial Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence

Related Papers/Monographs :

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Journals you can publish :

Environment Development and Sustainability,Springer.

Water Resource Management,Springer.

International Journal of Water and Informatics,Baipatra Publishers.(Journal of the Author of this post)

Discuss about the following questions in Water,Energy and Informatics Group :

1)How much time will be required for accomplishing the objective by the real time monitoring system ??

2)How the parameters can be selected ? by Lt review or by experience ?

3)Will it be applicable for all kind of crops ? If not what will be changed on change in type of crops ?

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