International Journal of Watershed Management

International Journal of Watershed Management is a peer reviewed journal which mainly publishes original research articles from the field of hydrologic modeling and watershed management. Papers on innovative used of existing models or new soft computation techniques to predict various hydrologic phenomena are published in this journal. The journal also publishes innovative practices of agriculture,real estate,dam designs,rain water harvesting,rural and urban watershed management policies which aims to maximize proper utilization of water resources.


Integrated watershed management plan : new management policy,impact of existing managerial policies,climate change impact,impact of urbanization,desertification.
Hydrologic modeling : innovative use of conventional hydrologic models,development or modification of existing hydrologic models.
Groundwater surface water interactions : impact on agriculture,impact analysis and risk assessment studies on surface and ground water interactions
Climate change impact : impact analysis and prediction of future extreme events,new models developed,intelligent or smart watershed management problems and its solutions

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