International Journal of Water and Energy Nexus

The technological advancements and growth in population have increased the demand of energy. As conventional fuel resources are finite, the recent trend of energy demand has imposed stress on the available fossil fuels. The turbulence in the price of crude oil is one of the effects of this growing demand. That is why renewable energy systems like hydropower, solar, wind, wave, tidal etc. has become a topic of concern and research. The common objective is the maximization of conversion efficiency and reduction of the expenditure for the conversion. However, in most of the studies, the role of water in increasing efficiency or cost reduction is ignored. The novel and successful application of nature mimicking algorithms like Ant Colony, Artificial Bee, Particle Swarm Optimization in recent years has been used to identify optimal scenarios in which utilization of water in renewable energy systems can be optimized.


This journal aims to publish original, unpublished research works conducted to minimize the use of water in renewable energy systems by nature-based optimization methodologies.

Again the impact of water-based systems like water treatment and distribution on the public health is immense and that is why the reliability of the networks must be ensured by proper monitoring and uncertainties has to be minimized so that the system performs at desired efficiency and economic return. Not only the public water supply systems but also the captive water supply networks require proper monitoring and maintenance so that desired profit can be achieved. In this aspect, the impact of energy consumed by the system is often overlooked.

The recent development in soft computation technologies has provided a nice opportunity for researchers and scholars to provide options to minimize the energy used in water-based systems. This journal likes to act as a common platform provided for sharing research and innovations where the procedure for reducing energy consumption ensuring the quality of production in water-based systems was practised.

Water and Energy Nexus

Water used in energy sector
Energy used in water sector
Climate change impact on water-energy nexus

Soft Computation Techniques

Nature Based Algorithms
Artificial Neural Networks
Particle Swarm Optimization
Ant Colony Optimization
Artificial Bee Hive
Bat Algorithm
Any other
Any new

Geographical Information Systems

Image Processing
Network Monitoring
Database Development
Spatial Algorithms


Uncertainty Analysis
Reliability Index
Regression Techniques
-Non Parametrics
-Decision Trees

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