International Journal of Water and Informatics

This journal imparts a platform to share the research and development engrossed in the field of Water Resource Management and Informatics. The publication desire to highlight the novel works where soft computing technologies were applied to solve water related problems.The journal accepts original and never published research manuscripts in the topic of artificial neural networks,particle swarm optimization,geographical information systems etc. and their implementation in minimization or identification of water resource management,hydrology,hydraulic,groundwater etc. related problems.


Water related

Water quality
Watershed management
Climate change
Water and energy nexus

Soft Computation Techniques

Nature Based Algorithms
Artificial Neural Networks
Particle Swarm Optimization
Ant Colony Optimization
Artificial Bee Hive
Bat Algorithm
Any other
Any new

Geographical Information Systems

Image Processing
Network Monitoring
Database Development
Spatial Algorithms


Uncertainty Analysis
Reliability Index
Regression Techniques
-Non Parametrics
-Decision Trees

Type of Articles Accepted

1.Case Study
2.Technical Reviews

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