Call for Paper/Act as Reviewer in Special Issue on “Optimization of Water Energy Nexus by Soft Computation and Hierarchical Decision Making Methods” in the Journal of Water and Energy Nexus

The special issue entitled “Optimization of Water Energy Nexus by Soft Computation and Hierarchical Decision Making Methods” in the Journal of Water and Energy Nexus.
This journal is a new journal which is published from Energy in Style Publishers.Although this is a new journal but it is not a paid or predatory journal and perform extensive peer reviews before allowing an article to be published in the journal.The Abstract and other details of the Special Issue is as given below :

In any operational systems both water and energy is utilized for sustenance of the benefits received from the system. The nexus of water and energy and their inter dependency and cognitive utilization of the mutuality between the two basic essentials of mankind ensure the success of the system, which become evident from the output received from the setup.

According to Gupta(2014),“Water and energy are closely interconnected and choices made in one sector affects the other, positively or negatively”. The interrelationship of this two resources are highly significant and symbiosis between the two must be in such a manner that the benefit become mutual. A shortage of water can inhibit energy production since power plants in the United States withdraw 143 billion gallons of fresh water every day, more than the amount withdrawn for irrigation and three times as much as is used for public water supplies(GRACE,2017). A shortage of water readily available to a power plant can also result in more energy being used to pump water from faraway sources or from deeper wells.

According to the Energy Department’s new report (ENERGY,2014) water scarcity, variability and uncertainty are becoming more prevalent, potentially leading to vulnerabilities within the U.S. energy system. Changes brought on by population growth, technological advances and policy developments are increasing the urgency for informed action.’

“The inter-dependencies between our water and energy systems are clear — and becoming more prominent.”

Thus the mismanagement of any one will result in uncertainty and decreases the quality of the output; both in terms of efficiency and cost. Currently various optimization techniques and multi criteria decision making methods are implemented to find solutions for the maximum utilization of water as well as energy potential such that the sustainability of the entire framework can be ensured.

This special issue, tries to highlight the indigenous and innovative works on this field of research which mainly showcase the optimal solutions for maximum utilization of both the resources satisfying various cost and maintenance constraints.

Original research works which have utilized the advantages of the clever algorithms (like Ant Colony, Artificial Bee Hive, Particle Swarm etc.)  to find the optimal solution from the water and energy nexus will be accepted for review and the approved works will be published in the special issue.


Multi Critierial Decision Making Methods
⦁       Analytical Hierarchial Process
⦁       Analytical Networking Process
⦁       MACBETH
⦁       EVAMIX
⦁       DEMATEL
⦁       ELECTRA
⦁       Any other

Nature based optimization techniques
⦁       Ant Colony
⦁       Artificial Bee Hive
⦁       Particle Swarm
⦁       Enhanced Particle Swarm
⦁       Bacterial Foraging
⦁       Firefly optimization
⦁       Glow warm
⦁       Genetic Algorithm
⦁       Any other..

Water Energy Nexus
⦁       Water in Energy management
⦁       Energy in Water management
Water-Energy-Climate nexus
⦁       Energy utilization in water based systems
⦁       Water utilization in energy based systems

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Last date of application 18th July 2020.

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